Gas drilling threatens New York’s food shed

The Park Slope Food Co-op alerted us to a serious consequence of drilling for natural gas in shale across NY State and Pennsylvania using a process called hydrofracking. Read more in this Propublica article about exactly what’s involved and sign a petition to prevent it.  Here’s an excerpt of a letter from a NY farmer who explains how this will effect our food shed and why city dwellers should act:

Folks in New York City may be feeling secure about gas drilling. After all, New York State has bowed to pressure from the City and decided there will be no drilling for methane gas in the New York City Watershed. You should not feel secure, because gas drilling will poison your food shed.
The industrialization of upstate New York will kill the production of organic and sustainable food in this region. The area of food production is almost all outside the NYC Watershed. Massive amounts of toxins will be pumped into our aquifers and air.

…..On a personal level, if gas drilling occurs in our area, I cannot imagine Slope Farms surviving. We will not be able to produce food that you will want to eat because of the toxins in the water that our cattle drink (and my family drinks as well) and the massive pollution of our air.

Ken Jaffe, Slope Farms, Meredith, NY

Two recent documentary films explore the issue, Haynesville (about Northern Louisiana) and Gasland, which is set here in NY state (and will be screened at Rooftop films in September). Gasland filmmaker Josh Fox as well as PSFC are spreading the message that New Yorkers need to act now and urge state lawmakers to move this week on legislation.

Call Senator John Sampson to ask him to put the moratorium bill on the floor for a vote! Sampson’s number in Albany is (518) 455-2788. His Brooklyn office is (718) 649-7653. You can leave a message over the weekend.
LET’S FILL UP THEIR MESSAGE INBOXES! Then call again on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Some believe that drilling could start as soon as August if this moratorium doesn’t pass, so now is really the time to call, write, and spread the word to your contacts.

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