Organic Strawberry Buzz

A former co-op member sent in a link to this NPR segment
which discusses a recent study on organic strawberries. Host Ira Flatow introduces the idea that people primarily buy organic food because of perceived health benefits. The segment is worth a listen, and raises some interesting questions. The conversation centers around whether the organic strawberries provide better nutrition. Several critical points were beyond the scope of this program.

  • do synthetic pesticides/fertilizers do harm to the individual?
  • what about the health of the planet, ground water, bees, and so on?

These second two reasons rank equally important to me as my own personal health does when I choose to buy organic produce. Still it’s nice to hear the conclusion of this particular study that yes, organic strawberries are more nutritious, and the farms have better soil. Here’s an article that finds 10 reasons to choose organic!

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