Finally a use for soy lecithin granules

Ever since I started at the co-op, there’s one product in our bulk section which has been particularly intriguing to me: soy lecithin granules. I discovered more about its use, but never really came across any recipes that call for it.

tempeh wingz, steamed kale with vegan ranch dressing, and polenta

That was before discovering Melody Polakow’s blog, Melomeals. She created a vegan mayonnaise that I tried last weekend, along with a couple of mayo based sauces. It tasted pretty close to traditional mayo, maybe almost too close for my tastes. Her recipe calls for soybeans, which I bought dried from our bulk bins and cooked in the pressure cooker. I used a stick (or immersion) blender to combine them with the soy lecithin granules, oil (I used a combo of olive and canola oils) and other ingredients.

I made her mayo-based Wasabi Ginger Dressing, which makes a great topper for steamed kale. I also made a ranch dressing which I plan on bringing to a Superbowl potluck this weekend, along with these Buffalo Tempeh Wingz.

By the way, if others are using soy lecithin, please chime in via comments and let us know how!

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5 Responses to Finally a use for soy lecithin granules

  1. merlin484 says:

    Soy lecithin is an excellent emulsifier when making marijuana edibles!

  2. salazam says:

    The site is down, can’t find recipe. Do you still have it? I’m trying to make one with just the lecithin, no soybeans.

  3. jillwoodward says:

    No, and it was such a great recipe too! I don’t think it would have worked without some sort of substantial base, the lecithin was just for texture. Good luck.

    • salazam says:

      That sucks. I figured it out somewhat… still testing batches but so far I dissolve 40g soy lecithin granules into 30ml water for about 10 minutes. Using the classic mayo method I slowly start dripping the oil (200 ml total) and adding about 30-50ml more water over the course (the lecithin tends to gum up, the water helps it get creamy again).

      I broke 4 batches yesterday and resuscitated all of them. When I get some sort of reliable recipe down I’ll post it.

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