Food: Six Things to Feel Good About

Mark Bittman at the NY Times shares the Good Food gospel and here are his six things:

• Not just awareness, but power: hopeful changes in US government policy
• Moving beyond greenwashing: Walmart pledged to “double sales of locally sourced produce,” reduce in-store food waste, work with farmers on crop selection and sustainable practices
• Real food is spreading: There are now more than 6,000 farmers markets nationwide — about a 250 percent increase since 1994
• We’re not just buying, we’re growing: City governments are changing zoning codes and policies to make them more ag-friendly, and are planting edible landscaping on city hall properties.
• Farming is becoming hip: Nonprofits like FoodCorps and The Greenhorns aim to introduce farming to a new generation of young people, are giving farming a new cachet of cool.
• The edible school lunch: We’re finally seeing schools rethinking the model of how their food is sourced, cooked and served, while getting kids to eat vegetables.

Read his entire Opinionator blog post here.

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