How the 99% cope

We are hearing more and more about the Occupy Wall Street movement, it’s rapid expansion across the US, and what they are calling the 99%.

With this backdrop, an inspirational blog post from Food Bank NYC seems worth a re-post for its reminder that there is still some help for people in need. Those people need not sacrifice their values:

After a lifetime of produce and tofu, Susan was not about to give up important parts of herself just because her circumstances had changed. To make this work, she uses her food stamps, which the Food Bank helped her apply for, at farmers’ markets.

4th Street Food Co-op also cheerfully accepts EBT cards, aka food stamps, or SNAP. Using government assistance to purchase healthy, vegetarian food instead of lower cost junk food will ultimately lessen the burden on society via lower health care costs and decreased greenhouse gases. There’s no stigma in that!

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