A rainbow of local produce…

… arrived from Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative this morning. Stop by the co-op this weekend to enjoy everything while it’s fresh!

Rouge d'Alger Cardoons (Heirloom)

These red-blushed Heirloom Cardoons are a rare autumn/winter treat. Members of the thistle family, cardoons are tender with an artichoke-like flavor.

They’re incredibly versatile and well worth the lengthy initial-prep time: Try them braised, fried, simply roasted, baked in a vegan béchamel sauce … lots of creative, delicious possibilities.

Also in the mix: Cheddar Cauliflower and Purple Potatoes.

Orange 'Cheddar' Cauliflower


Not only are these cheddar-colored beauties sweeter-tasting than white varieties, they also contain more beta-carotene (Vitamin A)

Purple Potatoes





… while purple potatoes owe their stunning hue to high levels of anthocyanins (health-boosting antioxidants).

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One Response to A rainbow of local produce…

  1. jillwoodward says:

    Hmm, I’m thinking with the beautifully colored cauliflower, a simple preparation that will let the color dominate the plate might be appropriate. Maybe even just steamed, atop a simple sauce or vinaigrette. I wonder how the purple potatoes would look mashed?

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