Pop-up kitchen delivers on bike to OWS at Zuccotti

Lisa and Rafael, looking dapper after a meeting

Co-op members Lisa, Lauren, Rafael, and myself prepared another meal on Friday morning at St. Mark’s Church and delivered to those on the front lines of the protest movement.

We prepared wheat berry salad again, this time with raw red cabbage, cooked collard greens, and a cumin tamari lime vinaigrette. We also made roasted butternut squash and carrots.

Jill departs St. Mark's Church on bike with meal



I transported a large bin down in my bike basket, and served it up directly from the basket on the sidewalk on Broadway at Zuccotti Park/Liberty Square.

Robin across the barricade

Given the lack of a centralized kitchen staging area, occupiers Robin, Zoey, and others helped distribute plates of food over the metal barricades and into the park. Lisa and Rafael joined me after dropping off meals to working groups, including the Sustainability group, meeting nearby. We estimate we served approximately 150 people.

Barricades at least useful as serving counter


We chatted with Mateo, who came up from North Carolina to take part in the occupation, over our meal. It remains to be seen what protestors like him will do with cold weather descending, and no tents or sleeping bags allowed inside the privately patrolled park.

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