Food and Justice make a great pairing at La Plaza Cultural

La Plaza Cultural Community Garden was alive and buzzing as urban growers, rural farmers, food activists, and occupiers bonded on Sunday Dec 4, 2011 for Occupy Food. Activities included singing, screen printing sessions, several energizing speakers (video excerpts above), a talkback session, and culminated with a march to Zuccotti Park/Liberty Plaza where further open exchange was held.

After the march, a meal was served, prepared by an auxiliary cooking group including Lisa F. of the 4th Street Food Co-op. The co-op used our infrastructure to help them purchase fresh produce for the meal, like collards, potatoes, and onions, from our supplier Angellos.

Store-front food co-operatives should definitely be at the table when we’re imagining what a future food distribution would look (and taste) like.

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3 Responses to Food and Justice make a great pairing at La Plaza Cultural

  1. Lisa says:

    Great Footage Jill!
    After the seed exchange and further discussion about the importance of saving seeds occurred at Zuccotti Park, march participates and all occupiers were invited to the reception area of Trinity church where we greeted everyone with a feast including a black eyed pea and collard green recipe with tomatoes, onions, garlic and maple syrup and 10-12lbs of bass, locally caught and donated from a farmer in Long Island. Dancing and further conversations about food justice took place. It was quite a celebration. Thanks to the coop for providing the ingredients!

    • jillwoodward says:

      wow that sounds fantastic! I’m glad you got to participate in that part of it, since I was at the garden rally while you were cooking.

      • Lisa says:

        I am so glad we have the opportunity to cook for and feed the movement. See you at our next cooking session if not sooner!

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