Trader Joe’s Bad Tomato Rap

The Villager writes about an action this month in front of the 14th St. Trader Joe’s, supporting the CIW, Coalition of Immokalee Workers.

About a dozen protesters dressed like giant tomatoes danced and rapped to the beat of Technotronic’s 1980s hit “Pump Up The Jam” in front of the E. 14th St. Trader Joe’s on Sat., Dec. 3.

California-based grocery chain Trader Joe’s has refused to sign CIW’s fair trade agreement.

The 4th Street Food Co-op gets our winter tomatoes mostly from Lady Moon Farm in Florida. I was proud when I checked their website and saw the following:

Lady Moon Farms was the first farm to join the Coalition of Immokalee Workers (CIW) which was started to provide pickers with a little more money. This movement was viewed unfavorably by the large tomato growers despite the fact that it cost the growers nothing — it’s paid for by distributors/food service companies such as Whole Foods, Taco Bell and Burger King. It was only after the distributors & food service companies demanded it that the other holdouts joined. Simply put, the holdouts saw it as a unionized movement and one that was adversarial.

You can make a difference in people’s lives with the food you choose!

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