Greenpeace’s Rainbow Warrior greeted with food by 4th Street Food Co-op and Time’s Up!

4sfc with Time's Up bikes Lady Moon lettuce to Rainbow Warrior

The 4th Street Food Co-op teamed up with Time’s Up! to deliver a special food order to the Rainbow Warrior, Greenpeace’s new ship that just docked at Chelsea piers. Their brand new ship is fresh off a European tour and will be in New York City all week.

Gathering at the co-op to pick up the goods

Greenpeace USA contacted the co-op to help with provisioning, as they were hoping to avoid large grocery chains and bad-reputation-corporations like Chiquita. We enlisted the help of Time’s Up! to bike the produce and other supplies to the west side. Brennan, Keegan, Kim, Nicholas, and Theresa from Time’s Up! joined Nick, Vanessa, Brianna, Arthur and myself from the co-op.

Bike posse from 4th street to Chelsea

After our jaunt across town in high winds, we approached the high seas–ok the Hudson River.

Arthur handing over supplies

Once the goods were loaded, Rainbow Warrior crew member Katie gave us a tour of the ship. Highlights included the galley (AKA kitchen) and the navigation instruments including new radar equipment, and the bike room!

Chef Wendy, left, in her sparkling new kitchen

Chef Wendy told us they were pretty down before we arrived, because US Customs incinerated a fair bit of their provisions that they arrived with. Fresh supplies delivered on bike apparently brightened moods. We hope they come back to the co-op this week to restock. Unfortunately we don’t carry marmite.

Perfect timing: no rain and lovely sunset over the Hudson River

After their week-long stint in NYC, the Rainbow Warrior will continue down the US eastern coast and to the Amazon, where they will campaign against deforestation, which may be on the rise again.

Brennan and Theresa enjoy the golden hour

The ship will be available for public tours this weekend and group tours during the week while docked at Chelsea piers.

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