Produce Delivery, Saturday 1/28

Apples, Fuji–Pacific Northwest
Apples, Gold Rush–Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Apples, Honeycrisp–Pacific Northwest
Beets, Red–Johnson, VT
Carrots, Rainbow–Johnson, VT
Eggplant, Black Bell–Punta Gorda, FL
Grapefruit, Ruby–Vero Beach, FL
Kumquats–Fallbrook, CA
Leeks–Mt. Vernon, WA
Lemons, Eureka–Fallbrook, CA
Lettuce, Romaine–Punta Gorda, FL
Onions, Yellow–Pacific Northwest
Oranges, Cara Cara–Fallbrook, CA
Parsnips–Johnson, VT
Pears, Comice–Hood River, OR
Potatoes, Sweet (Japanese)–Livingston, CA
Radishes, Black–Johnson, VT
Shallots–San Juan Bautista, CA
Squash, Butternut–San Juan Bautista, CA
Tangelos, Orlando–Crescent City, FL
Tomatoes, Cherry Medley–Punta Gorda, FL

This order is expected to arrive in the morning from Angello’s. Please note that an item may be out of stock at the time of delivery.

Have a beautiful weekend!

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