May Day Report from the 4

Jill and Lisa furiously peeling off cabbage leaves

As noted in the past, the 4th Street Food Co-op has been collecting money to buy food for the OWS movement. We cooked our last meal in January and have been on hiatus until Tuesday May 1st when Lisa, Lauren, and I gathered in Lauren’s kitchen to prepare a snack sized meal for the Bryant Park rally. We biked the food uptown and set up a makeshift serving area.


On the menu: quinoa, red lentils, raw celery and snap peas mixed with a ginger sesame peanut sauce, and served in a red cabbage leaf, all purchased from the co-op. Unfortunately there were more people waiting for food than there were cabbage leaves, but those who got “cabbage monsters” seemed pretty happy.

Some disposable bowls materialized out of nowhere but then we ran out of the quinoa lentil mixture as well! Sorry we had to turn some folks away! Special thanks to the donor who offered a generous on the spot cash donation, and bonus points to the clever woman who had her own container to eat from.

And to the anonymous person who stopped by the co-op this week to offer thanks, you’re very welcome! Thanks to all our donors!


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