Produce Delivery, Tuesday 6/26

Arugula — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Avocados, Hass — Carpinteria, CA
Beets, Golden — San Juan Bautista, CA
Bok Choy, Baby — Hillsdale, NY (LOCAL)
Broccoli — Chatham, NY (LOCAL)
Cucumbers — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Grapefruit, Ruby Red/Pink— California
Kale, Lacinato — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Lemons — Carpinteria, CA
Lettuce, Green Leaf — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Onions, Yellow — Washington State
Oranges, Valencia — Carpinteria, CA
Oregano — New Paltz, NY (LOCAL)
Pea Shoots — Chatham, NY (LOCAL)
Peaches, Yellow — Reedley, CA
Potatoes, Sweet (Japanese) — Livingston, CA
Watermelon, Red Seeded — Pittsboro, NC
Zucchini, Golden — Milton, NY (LOCAL)
Zucchini, Bush (Baby) — Milton, NY (LOCAL)

This order is expected to arrive in the morning from Angello’s Distributing. Please note that an item may be out of stock at the time of delivery.

Wishing you a lovely Tuesday!

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