Ice Noodles for a Hot Summer

broth is cooled in the jars, and the soba noodles are on ice after rinsing

I learned this noodle concept from my friend Tetsu, and googled for vegan recipes and instructions. The basics are to cook the soba or somen noodles a bit al dente and then rinse extremely well in cold water. Serve with a broth that can be either homemade or store bought, but vegan versions will likely have to made in part from scratch. Along side should be several garnishes, the most common of which are grated fresh ginger, chopped green onions, fresh herbs like mint or cilantro, wasabi, and sesame oil. I served this at a dinner party recently, and each person got their own bowl for broth and whatever condiments they wanted to add, plus the noodles. I based my version on this recipe from Just Hungry, who has detailed instructions about how to cook the noodles, and separate links for broth recipes, as well as consulting Stiletto Chef. The idea of keeping the noodles iced comes from Tetsu, and you can even add ice cubes directly to your sauce bowl for extra coolness.

condiments including chopped cilantro and mint, grated daikon radish, mung bean sprouts, grated ginger, toasted sesame oil, picked umeboshi plums, wasabi, chopped green onions, and dried hijiki seaweed.

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