Mother Jones: NY Times Went Too Far

There’s been a lot of reaction to the NY Times article on organic standards, which I also posted about last week. Tom Philpott of Mother Jones agrees with many of the problems outlined in the Times piece, but in this editorial says

the organic label remains the single most accessible way for consumers to avoid supporting the worst ecological practices of industrial agriculture.

Read the full item for more details on how the organic label helps more than hurts.

Cornucopia Institute also included reaction to the article in their newsletter:

Although we are happy that the article focuses attention on the corporate greed that has resulted in the erosion of integrity of the organic label, and the complacency of the USDA and allowing this to happen, we want to clarify that we still stand squarely behind the value of the organic label. It is worth fighting for its authenticity!

Also worth a read, Philpott chooses the five weirdest additives to pass muster with the National Organic Standards Board, and describes them.

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