Support More Bike Parking for 4th Street

mudspotThe 4th Street Food Co-op, with the help of Transportation Alternatives, has requested more bike parking for the area in front of our store, similar to what you can see now at Mudspot Cafe and Bluestockings.

NYC DOT is now working alongside us, with plans for even more parking than you see at those locations, and we will present the proposal at tonight’s Community Board 3 transportation meeting.

We need the parking because so many of our members and shoppers arrive by bike, and it can be difficult to find a parking place near the store. The tradeoff is 1-2 fewer spaces for automobiles in exchange for up to 20 spots for cycles. That calculation can result in more business for the neighborhood, according to a recent report by TA. The sidewalks themselves are, to quote an anonymous commenter on the EV Grieve blog:

…too narrow and cluttered: signage, newspaper boxes, trash cans, mountains of trash bags, parking meter pay boxes, cell phone zombies, etc.

I totally applaud the city’s efforts in creating safer bike lanes, and now we must address the dearth of places for riders to park their bikes while working, shopping, and running errands. Since October we’ve had a petition campaign going for this particular bike corral, and many of our business and theatrical neighbors have signed on.

Tonight we’ll present those petitions at the CB3 Transportation Committee meeting at 6:30pm, at University Settlement House at Houston Street, 273 Bowery. Please join us!

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