Bike Parking Approved on East 4th Street

It’s official! After meetings with the CB3 Transportation committee, and with the full board on Tuesday night, the path is clear for the NYC DOT to install a twenty-space bike corral in front of the 4th Street Food Co-op. There was no opposition to the new bike parking, which will replace 1-2 spots for autos in the street, and will be maintained by the co-op.

The latest information is that the installation will occur in early 2013, and will be accompanied by two large planters similar to the ones at Mudspot Cafe. The co-op, as maintenance partner, is responsible for the plantings, shoveling snow, and cleaning the area, which is inaccessible to the street cleaning vehicles.

Also approved were similar bike corrals in front of Continuum Cycles on Avenue B, as well as Teanyssimo (formerly Teany) on Rivington. The corrals in front of Mudspot and Bluestockings will expand to 10 racks (twenty spaces), showing that the city is recognizing the popularity of the existing street racks, at least in downtown Manhattan. Several advocates for the corrals spoke at the CB3 meeting Tuesday, including representatives from 4th Street Food Co-op, Continuum, and a sidewalk tree caretaker who commented that additional parking will provide an alternative to chaining bikes to trees.

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