Produce Delivery, Saturday 8/24

Oak Grove Plantation (Pittstown, NJ):
Cucumbers, Slicing
Peaches, White
Peaches, Yellow

Four Seasons Produce:
Apples, Granny Smith — California
Avocados, Hass — Mexico
Bananas, Fair Trade — Ecuador/Peru
Dates, Barhi — California (khalal stage of ripeness: yellow color, crunchy texture)
Kale, Green Curly — USA
Kale, Lacinato — California
Lemons — California
Lettuce, Red Leaf — California
Mangoes, Keitt — Mexico
Nectarines, White — Washington State
Oranges, Valencia — California
Pears, Starkrimson — California/Washington State
Pluots, Flavor Heart — California

Both the Four Seasons and Oak Grove orders will arrive in the morning. Please note that items may be out of stock at the time of delivery. All of our produce is grown to meet or exceed organic standards.

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