Sprouting Live Oats

from Vanessa Lynn Wood by way of Cayuga Pure Organics & in the Co-op Recipe Archive!

If you know how to sprout beans, it’s a similar process. These need less soaking then beans, and only need to be rinsed once a day. Also, you can harvest them or refrigerate them sooner in the process, because the goal is to get the nutrients that come with sprouting, but they will probably not get the nice shoot or green leaves that you would get from, say, a mung sprout.

Put some room temperature filtered water in a jar with the sprouts. You only want to fill the jar 1/3 way full or less because they will expand with soaking and sprouting. Add at least twice the volume of water as you do oats, and let soak for 6-8 hours. cover with cheesecloth (with a rubber band around opening to keep it tight against jar) or screen and drain well. Lay upright, upside down at an angle (I usually use a cereal bowl) so that it is tilted and upright, draining constantly.

Each day, GENTLY fill jar with filtered water and swirl very gently, then drain (aka, rinse the sprouts once a day). After each drain, place the jar at an angle upside down (it should always be draining, or it could get moldy). Keep out of direct sunlight, indirect is OK. Within 2 or 3 days you should have sprouts. Once they start sprouting enough to pop out of the hull, give them a final rinse and move them to the refrigerator. Try to keep them draining, or make sure they are well drained before putting them into the fridge. Give them a final rinse before eating.


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