Produce Delivery, Friday 9/08

Lancaster Farm Fresh Cooperative (Lancaster County, PA):
Kiwi Berries
Squash, Butternut
Tomatoes, Heirloom
Watermelon, Red Seedless

Four Seasons Produce:
Apples, Granny Smith — Washington State
Apples, McIntosh — Washington State
Avocados, Hass — Peru
Broccoli — California
Cabbage, Green — California
Celery — California
Garlic — Pennsylvania
Grapes, Red Seedless — California
Lemons — California
Lettuce, Romaine — USA
Mushrooms, Cremini — Chester County, PA (LOCAL)
Mushrooms, Shiitake — Manalapan, NJ (LOCAL)
Nectarines, Yellow — Washington State
Oranges, Valencia — California
Plums, Red — Washington State
Sprouts, Sunflower — Goshen, NY (LOCAL)
Tomatoes, Red Cherry — Chambersburg, PA (LOCAL)
Tomatoes, Slicing — USA
Zucchini, Green — Chambersburg, PA (LOCAL)

Both orders are scheduled to arrive in the morning. Please note that items may be out of stock at the time of delivery. All of our produce is grown to meet or exceed organic standards.

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